Heart of a Queen. Soul of a Stoner.

We make every accessory you need to enjoy your date with Mary Jane.

So you have a Queen in your life with a birthday coming up… why not give them a gift card ?

Choose any amount you want ! The average price is $50.

Know them better than that ? Grab them a Sunflower Bundle instead !

We are driven to create a community for Queens who enjoy Ms. Mary. Whether you’re a new stoner or OG stoner, you are still a QUEEN ! We are here to make your experience and products just as fly and royal as your everyday accessories.

Our Products

We have grinders, trays, bowls and much more ! Enjoy your downtime in style.

PreRolled Cones

No rolling Skills Required. We have many different designs and colors to suit your personality.

Our Bundles

Our bundles include everything you need for your next smoke break ! They also make perfect gifts for your friends next birthday. Indulge.

Wedding Sets

Wedding sets make an EXCELLENT gift for your Bestie. Reward her for making you her maid of honor on her special day !

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