Weed Makes Me A Better Mom

Queen Mothers ! It’s almost your day ! In 7 days it’s going to be Mother’s Day. So right now we’re going to talk about something a little taboo: How much marijuana helps with motherhood. I used to have a friend who said her dream life was to have 2 children back to back so that in 5 years when they’re at school she can sit around at home in nothing but heels and an apron, cook and get wine drunk while singing loudly. Pretty much, weed mom is the new wine mom.

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First Of All…

When it’s dosed properly, tbh, weed relaxes most people most of the time. The issue is usually figuring out what the proper dose is. But the right form of weed and with some good intention goes a long way. Marijuana can be used in Sativa form to make you more creative and energized. An Indica can help you wind down and get a good night’s sleep as well as ward off anxiety.

What This Means For The Kids

If you’re a mom, you already KNOW the level of tired that comes with motherhood. Imagine being able to enjoy one vegan, gluten-free, delicious chocolate chip cookie then suddenly having the energy in 20 minutes to go jump on the trampoline with the kids. Or maybe it’s a rainy day; imagine hitting your vape twice in the bathroom to come out and have the best arts and crafts idea of the century !

Or maybe it’s a day that your kids, for whatever reason, are being so loud and crazy that you feel like the Tasmanian devil came over to visit. Frustration at its finest, right ? Now imagine grabbing a prerolled blunt, taking a quick puff and magically having the patience to not scream at or swing at those little ankle biters.

Additionally, there are moms with real mental health or physical health issues that weed relieves.

Weed Is Medicine, Mom

I think we’ve mentioned it before, but weed is not just an illicit drug (super lame term for it, hate it) but it’s medicine too. Disorders and diseases aside, even just for pain relief. Medical and recreational marijuana both can be used more like ibuprofen or Tylenol. Grind something up for a bowl ot brew the stems in tea to help with any back pain you acquired while letting the children use you as a jungle gym.

If you have anxious or depressive disorders especially, weed is prescribed for these things. Close your eyes and envision not having to excuse yourself during a school play to have a panic attack. Imagine taking a sip of infused juice being able to control your self-talk a little better so that you don’t spew out negativity in front of them.

A Weed Mom Story

We have a friend that doesn’t have to imagine this life. She lives it. She was a SPAZZ ! Rightfully so. She suffers from PTSD and bipolar. During an anxiety attack, it’s so hard to stay calm or engaged with the kids. It’s way too easy to snap on them or disappear a little too long. When severe depressive episodes hit, getting out of bed isn’t even an option. Too often the trauma she endured before crowded all of the creativity out of her mind, so playing pretend wasn’t going well either.

Several years ago, however, her psychiatrist unofficially suggested she maybe try weed and just see how it goes. Almost unbelievably it took care of all the above mentioned issues. Weed improved the quality of her life. It made her a better mom. It can do that for you too. And that’s nothing to be ashamed about !

Mom Day Gift !

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