How The Podcast Started

Soooo we decided to start a podcast. If you’re signed up for the Queen’s Club you got the newsletter about it already. It debuted on Mother’s Day and you can catch the first episode here ! In it we talked a little about why we started the business altogether; but here, Queens, we shall discuss why we started the podcast !

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We are human. We do super duper human things. For some reason, when people enter the business world, they get cardboard stiff and feel like they have to be ‘on’ all of the time. We want to destroy that myth. We are business owners. We are mothers. We are professional. And we are weed enjoyers. We do a damn good job at ALL of it. We think you can relate to that.


We also have a goal to bring together like-minded people. As we mentioned in the other blog, this industry is completely DOMINATED by men. We just want other 420 friendly moms and women in weed to be comfortable have more people and things they can relate to.


We share a wealth of information on the podcast for people who are entering the industry. Also for people who are just being introduced to marijuana as medicine. Bre is a medical budtender and has so much to say about the topic that we believe a lot of people could benefit from.


This is all something new for us. Just a few years ago we were both deeply immersed in the dental field. It’s amazing to be able to leave little bread crumbs around to look at later and see how far we’ve come.

If there’s anything specific that you guys want to hear about definitely let us know ! And don’t forget to subscribe.

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