National Dab Day

Have you ever heard of Dab Day ? Tons of people who don’t smoke are super familiar with the digits 420. It’s been deeply rooted in cannaculture for over 30 years. However, this day has had a rival steadily brewing; 710.

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But First, A 420 Reminder

Like with most things in history, we don’t actually effing know. However, we present to you, the most credible story. Back in 1971 five California students used to meet each other each day at 4:20 pm for a celebratory weed smoking sesh. It was always at a campus statue at San Rafael High School at that specific time because it’s when the after-school programs were all finished. With nearly everyone gone, they were least likely to get caught. Instead of being obvious idiots, to ask each other if they were down that day they’d say “420 ?”

So it’s no surprise that following suit, July 10th, is just known but the numbers that represent its month and day.

What Is 710 ?

July 10th is National Dab Day ! Some also refer to it as Oil Day. Word on the street, they say it’s because 710 upside down looks like it spells ‘OIL’. The reason it turned into a special day is pretty vague. The first celebration seems to have been in 2012.

A while back, oils and other concentrates were super hard to find. These days, with marijuana being recreational in many states, it’s a lot easier to find. Still, for many people, the act of dabbing is pretty foreign. You can use shatter, wax, resin or rosin to do it. And fun fact: Women dab most often.

Women And Dab Tolerance

Drugs, just like most things, affect men and women differently. Researchers at Washington State University have found evidence stating that women may build up a tolerance to marijuana more easily than males do. It super interesting because women are also more sensitive to the effects of the plant. They found this out while studying pain relief. They tried to figure out why women don’t get as much pain relief as men and not as fast either.

But at any rate, whatever the reason, it’s good to know ! For women with a crazy high tolerance, it’s probably better to get some cute tools and dab instead of chain smoking joints all day. Check them out here !


Let us commence in a royal conversation ! How do you celebrate 710 each year ? Or were you today years old when you learned about it ? Let us know in the comments !

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