Terpenes Vs THC

Most of us understand in some way or measure what’s up with THC when it comes to cannabis. Most of us though DO NOT understand what terpenes have to do with anything. So what happens is that said people walk into a dispensary and they just want whatever has the highest THC content. And long story short, no.

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Terpenes are mostly responsible for the way a plant smells. It’s easy to forget, but cannabis is just a plant. So these jawns are pretty prevalent. Smell and taste are super interconnected so terpenes play into the way a plant tastes as well. Less important with cannabis since we’re not typically eating the leaves.

When it comes to different strains of cannabis, some terpenes can be dormant. Aside from affecting flavor and aroma, they work in tandem with the plants cannabinoid content. That content includes both CBD and THC. This helps to explain why strains with the same THC content produce such different experiences.


THC is one of the only compounds in marijuana we care about. CBD and CBN are awesome too but THAT THC THOUGH ! It’s the psychoactive compound that gets people ‘high’. We won’t spend too much time on it, because you already know.


It’s hard to pin down exactly which terpenes are going to get you where you need to or would like to go. When you try a strain and you absolutely love it, write down which one it is and look up the terpene profile. This is extremely difficult to do when you’re not buying cannabis from a legal dispensary. When you purchase it legally you get the benefit of having the complete profile to refer to !

There are both primary and secondary terps. Some common primary terpenes include Pinene, Humulene, Limonene and Myrcene. Secondary terps include Borneol, Phytol, Eucalyptol and Sabinene. Pinene, for example, is also found in pine trees. It gives that outdoorsy, earthy aroma. Find it most present in OG Kush and Blue Dream. Eucalyptol sounds like something else we already know tight ? Eucalyptus ! It has a cooling menthol, minty scent. If you’ve ever had Girl Scout Cookies, you already know !


Tbh, we don’t post the blogs consistently. But when we got somethin’ to say, WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ! Stay tuned, Queens.

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