Earning Leisure

We’re talking about leisure, not 100% weed related but we’re not just cannabis advocates. We’re women in business too ! We covered this topic on our podcast as well, Stoned Queen’s Gambit.

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Bre, one half of the dynamic duo took a nice 4 day vacation in the sun back in August and that’s what got us thinking about the topic. We’ve worked HARD to get our business off the ground. And we’ve worked so hard to keep it running too. We’ve had so many new products coming out this year, like the bridesmaid boxes, over summer. Additionally, October 10th we went all the way to Denver for the cannabis wedding expo ! We’ve also introduced earrings. We’re out here WERKING, okay ?

Hustle And Burnout

You need to give yourself a break. Things are not as immediate as you think. For example, you don’t need to check your emails every hour. What’s the reason it can’t wait 24 hours ? When you can’t exactly go on vacation, you can still give yourself time and space at home.

Even my (Bre) son noticed I was brand new after getting to put life on hold. A major key to that is: Don’t talk about work during vacation. If you can help it, don’t even use your phone at all. Take a real break !


Having your me-time is important too ! It can be difficult figuring out how to create it but you need it. Here’s a few tips to help:

Unplug: When your work hours are over, turn your work communications off !

Stick to a Schedule: Speaking of, make sure that you have set work hours. Predictable times that your people can count on.

Start Small: It’s hard breaking habits and making more changes. Start with one thing or person at a time.


Tbh, we don’t post the blogs consistently. But when we got somethin’ to say, WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ! Stay tuned, Queens.


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