Let’s address the elephant in the room: microdosing. If you live in Ohio and have your medical marijuana card, you probably know a little bit about the point system. Long-story short, if you don’t know how to microdose, you’re going to run out of your medicine !

Bre’s story is: At some point while she was still working in the dental office, her doctor prescribed anxiety medicine. Dentistry really requires precision and that medicine had her eyes all jacked up. So she stopped taking them medicine. (For legal purposes: Never abruptly stop taking prescribed to you without first consulting with your doctor.) So I started taking 2 to 5mg of an edible in the morning in place of that antianxiety medicine.

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First things first, we need to make sure you know what microdosing even is. You take a lot smaller of a dose or bite or sip at a time when you consume. The actual size may differ but anything less than 10mg of THC.


You get 45 points for a 45 day period. This roughly breaks down to 100mg a day. Very roughly. It’s hard to measure actual bud. *Remember that with your medical card in Ohio you cannot put fire to that bud.


If you’re used to eating large doses of edibles, it can be hard to start microdosing. Here’s a few tips to help !

Break It Up: Break up your edible ahead of time in doses. For example, if you have a chocolate bar with 10 different sections. Break it up into those 10 sections, or even 20, and keep them in different sections.

Stick to a Schedule: If you know that you usually feel the effects of an edible for 6 hours, maybe make a schedule to take another dose every 5 hours.

Start Small Still: It’s hard breaking habits and making more changes. If your tolerance is higher you may feel like you’re good to microdose with 50mg instead of 100mg. Start with 5mg regardless. Microdosing for medicine can be tricky and you’ll be surprised at how little you really need !


Tbh, we don’t post the blogs consistently. But when we got somethin’ to say, WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ! Stay tuned, Queens.


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