Setting Intentions

Hear me out, sis. We’re about to talking about setting intentions. You’ve heard people say things like “tHaT wAsN’t My InTeNtIoN,”. But what does that even mean ?? You may not have, however, heard about a personal manifesto ! Long story short, you need one. Let’s talk about why !

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Manifest It

To manifest something can mean something different depending on who you’re talking to and what you guys are talking about. The dictionary defines manifesting as this: displaying or showing (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrating. It doesn’t really explain the true power behind it and how thoughts become things. It doesn’t let you know that all of our manifesting each day or that our current lives are made up of things we’ve manifested.

Thoughts Are Things

If you are more familiar with the term, you hear it in statements like “manifest your dream life.” People who don’t believe that’s possible usually exist because of miscommunication. They associate manifesting with wishing and praying without taking any actions. Manifesting is more than just sitting in a corner hoping for a miracle. It takes real WORK and it takes setting and living with intention.

Manifesting is using your imagination to solidify the details of your dream life and focusing on that imagery intensely until it inspires your brain to come up with a resolution for you to get the things you want.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Manifest

Like with many other things we don’t generally understand, those not in the know think it’s magic. Like intuition and affirmations. We can even argue that prayer is in that same category. And no cap, people trying to make money off of the topic certainly make it more confusing, pushing that it is magically and that only they can help you make things happen. Manifesting, like the other things mentioned have been confirmed to work through studying the brain. But the first step to accessing this resource is believing it can be done, which means not everyone is going to be able to do it.

Set Your Intensions

After you know exactly what it is that you want to manifest, you can write out intentions for each day. Friday’s during Wake n Bake on our Instagram you can catch Bre setting hers. You can keep it super simple and it still be impactful. For example: “I intend to work out for 30 minutes today to get closer to my dream body.” Or “I intend to go to the office to work 5 hours today so I can have the best bakery in town.”

Women’s History Month

By the way, it’s Women’s History Month ! March is dedicated to reflecting on the overlooked contributions of Women around the nation. It started off as just a weeklong celebration in a school out in Sonoma, CA in 1978. A few years later, word about it spread and President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8th National Women’s History Week. 6 years after that, there was a successful petition to make it a full month instead of just a week.

As Women currently making history in the cannabis industry we hope to be in books somewhere 100 years from now ! What is your intention for celebrating Women’s History Month this year ?

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