April Means Stress Awareness

April is THC awareness month. Now if you’ve been following us, you for damn sure already know that. April is also Stress Awareness Month ! Perfect right ? Because the two go hand in hand, it’s like peanut butter and jelly !

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Stress Awareness Month

Back in 1936, Viennese physician Hans Selye starts studying stress at McGill University in Montreal. He’s the guy who developed the concept of a general adaptation syndrome which essentially says that we are all very stressed and don’t realize it. About 40 years later an organization dedicated to workplace and personal stress management is established. It rebrands itself as the International Stress and Tension Control Society in 1981 and again as the International Stress Management Association in 1989.

About a decade or so after that, American physiologist Walter Bradford Cannon coins the term “flight-or-flight response.” It is now generally described as being the first state of general adaptation syndrome that we use to deal with stress. From that research, experts started taking stress way more seriously and dedicated a month to the awareness of it.

How To Honor Stress In April

The best way to honor Stress Awareness Month is to understand how stress manifests in your life and the best way for you to destress. Destressing is SUPER personal but there are a few things you can do that’s scientifically proven to destress you as a human.

  1. First thing is to meditate. Sometimes we think we’re stressed about a thing only to find out later that it was a coverup for something much deeper. When you meditate, you figure out the true source of your stress much quicker.
  2. You can also exercise ! The chemicals in our body do their thing when we work out to literally boost our baseline level of happiness. More happiness means less stress.
  3. Yoga, not the workout kind. Yoga asanas that focus on breathwork. When we breathe properly it’s way easier to manage our stress !

A Few Facts About Stress

Stress usually feels awful but it can actually be a good thing ! Certain levels of stress are healthy because they let us know that we’re doing things that don’t align with our personal values. Stress provides redirection if you choose !

Too much stress though and you might die. Literally. Stress and anxiety physically affect our bodies. Chronic high stress slowly shuts down your organs, not just your hopes and dreams. It’s a big deal.

The American Psychology Association cites 5 factors as the main sources of stress: money, work, family, economic outlook and relationships. I’m sure no one is shocked by this.

Stress And Marijuana… Beyond April

Medically, marijuana is approved for the stress that comes from 14 different illnesses. Recreationally, we already know it was a HUGE stress reliever. Both THC and CBD in it slow down the natural stress response making it 10 times more manageable. It’s important to know that it’s truest for low doses. Many of us have found out the hard way that too much can have the completely opposite effect !

One way to manage lower doses and not overdo it is to ditch the swishers and pack a bowl instead ! The bowls hold less at time and give you a cleaner inhale. Plus, they’re super easier to load and use ! If you don’t have one, this is your sign to place an order.

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