Earth Day

Today is Earth day ! It’s an annual event/holiday for people to demonstrate sustainability practices and gratitude for all that Mother Earth has to offer. The first one was April 20, 1970.

person holding a green plant

How To Celebrate

There are tons of different ways you can celebrate Earth Day. One of the most common is to help clean up your environment. This can even just be picking up trash on your neighborhood block ! You can also plant something. Whether it’s flowers, fruits or veggies and whether or not it’s at your home or the park.

Speaking Of Plants

It’s still National THC Month ! With that in mind, we can’t forget that weed is just a plant. Plenty of people plant herbs and you can see whether or not cannabis is a plant you’re legally allowed to grow. Be aware that you will often run into a limit on how many cannabis plants you’re allowed to grow.

As mentioned before, cannabis isn’t the only herb that you can smoke. You can dry or purchase dried lavender, rose, lemon balm and other things to smoke as well. Just look up the effects of the herb to make sure it’s what you really want !

Something To Smoke From

Don’t forget that for the rest of the month everything is 20% off ! You may have missed it for earth day but you can still purchase glass pieces or preroll papers to toke out of.

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