How The Podcast Started

Soooo we decided to start a podcast. If you’re signed up for the Queen’s Club you got the newsletter about it already. It debuted on Mother’s Day and you can catch the first episode here ! In it we talked a little about why we started the business altogether; but here, Queens, we shall discussContinue reading “How The Podcast Started”

Weed Makes Me A Better Mom

Queen Mothers ! It’s almost your day ! In 7 days it’s going to be Mother’s Day. So right now we’re going to talk about something a little taboo: How much marijuana helps with motherhood. I used to have a friend who said her dream life was to have 2 children back to back soContinue reading “Weed Makes Me A Better Mom”

The History of 420

Our favorite holiday is just two days away ! Yes Queens (and Kings) we’re talking about 420. So it’s only right that we write this while pregaming very early for it. Anywho, do you know how this holiday even came about ? Unlikely, so grab your glass blunt tip and your beautifully packed preroll, andContinue reading “The History of 420”