Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Month ! As marijuana advocates, we naturally care about the wellbeing of the people we serve as well. With Bre, half of our dynamic duo, being a budtender, she has tons of experience with patients and helping them find what they need. So let’s talk more about it !

Mental Health IS Health

Mental Health Month has a mission to help raise awareness of trauma and the impact it can have on people. Our job as a people is to help others understand the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of children, families, and communities. The theme for the month of May was established in 1949 and has mostly been celebrated by mental health professionals. Mental health IS health. Prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can recover from mental disorders and live full and productive lives.

Medical Marijuana

One way people get assistance with their health is through medical marijuana. PTSD is a qualifying condition in Ohio for medical marijuana. Still, patients have a history with finding it super helpful with mental illnesses such as ADHD, clinical depression and bipolar disorder as well. Always remember that you know you best and stay away of the law where you live. If you’re in Dayton, Ohio or the surrounding areas, check out Serendipity Community Care for your Medical Marijuana Card !


As we’ve talked about before, there are plenty of other herbs that can relax you too ! Can’t roll ? Don’t want to roll ? Just don’t feel like it sometimes ? That’s what we sell prerolls for !

Earth Day

Today is Earth day ! It’s an annual event/holiday for people to demonstrate sustainability practices and gratitude for all that Mother Earth has to offer. The first one was April 20, 1970.

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How To Celebrate

There are tons of different ways you can celebrate Earth Day. One of the most common is to help clean up your environment. This can even just be picking up trash on your neighborhood block ! You can also plant something. Whether it’s flowers, fruits or veggies and whether or not it’s at your home or the park.

Speaking Of Plants

It’s still National THC Month ! With that in mind, we can’t forget that weed is just a plant. Plenty of people plant herbs and you can see whether or not cannabis is a plant you’re legally allowed to grow. Be aware that you will often run into a limit on how many cannabis plants you’re allowed to grow.

As mentioned before, cannabis isn’t the only herb that you can smoke. You can dry or purchase dried lavender, rose, lemon balm and other things to smoke as well. Just look up the effects of the herb to make sure it’s what you really want !

Something To Smoke From

Don’t forget that for the rest of the month everything is 20% off ! You may have missed it for earth day but you can still purchase glass pieces or preroll papers to toke out of.

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April Means Stress Awareness

April is THC awareness month. Now if you’ve been following us, you for damn sure already know that. April is also Stress Awareness Month ! Perfect right ? Because the two go hand in hand, it’s like peanut butter and jelly !

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Stress Awareness Month

Back in 1936, Viennese physician Hans Selye starts studying stress at McGill University in Montreal. He’s the guy who developed the concept of a general adaptation syndrome which essentially says that we are all very stressed and don’t realize it. About 40 years later an organization dedicated to workplace and personal stress management is established. It rebrands itself as the International Stress and Tension Control Society in 1981 and again as the International Stress Management Association in 1989.

About a decade or so after that, American physiologist Walter Bradford Cannon coins the term “flight-or-flight response.” It is now generally described as being the first state of general adaptation syndrome that we use to deal with stress. From that research, experts started taking stress way more seriously and dedicated a month to the awareness of it.

How To Honor Stress In April

The best way to honor Stress Awareness Month is to understand how stress manifests in your life and the best way for you to destress. Destressing is SUPER personal but there are a few things you can do that’s scientifically proven to destress you as a human.

  1. First thing is to meditate. Sometimes we think we’re stressed about a thing only to find out later that it was a coverup for something much deeper. When you meditate, you figure out the true source of your stress much quicker.
  2. You can also exercise ! The chemicals in our body do their thing when we work out to literally boost our baseline level of happiness. More happiness means less stress.
  3. Yoga, not the workout kind. Yoga asanas that focus on breathwork. When we breathe properly it’s way easier to manage our stress !

A Few Facts About Stress

Stress usually feels awful but it can actually be a good thing ! Certain levels of stress are healthy because they let us know that we’re doing things that don’t align with our personal values. Stress provides redirection if you choose !

Too much stress though and you might die. Literally. Stress and anxiety physically affect our bodies. Chronic high stress slowly shuts down your organs, not just your hopes and dreams. It’s a big deal.

The American Psychology Association cites 5 factors as the main sources of stress: money, work, family, economic outlook and relationships. I’m sure no one is shocked by this.

Stress And Marijuana… Beyond April

Medically, marijuana is approved for the stress that comes from 14 different illnesses. Recreationally, we already know it was a HUGE stress reliever. Both THC and CBD in it slow down the natural stress response making it 10 times more manageable. It’s important to know that it’s truest for low doses. Many of us have found out the hard way that too much can have the completely opposite effect !

One way to manage lower doses and not overdo it is to ditch the swishers and pack a bowl instead ! The bowls hold less at time and give you a cleaner inhale. Plus, they’re super easier to load and use ! If you don’t have one, this is your sign to place an order.

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Setting Intentions

Hear me out, sis. We’re about to talking about setting intentions. You’ve heard people say things like “tHaT wAsN’t My InTeNtIoN,”. But what does that even mean ?? You may not have, however, heard about a personal manifesto ! Long story short, you need one. Let’s talk about why !

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Manifest It

To manifest something can mean something different depending on who you’re talking to and what you guys are talking about. The dictionary defines manifesting as this: displaying or showing (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrating. It doesn’t really explain the true power behind it and how thoughts become things. It doesn’t let you know that all of our manifesting each day or that our current lives are made up of things we’ve manifested.

Thoughts Are Things

If you are more familiar with the term, you hear it in statements like “manifest your dream life.” People who don’t believe that’s possible usually exist because of miscommunication. They associate manifesting with wishing and praying without taking any actions. Manifesting is more than just sitting in a corner hoping for a miracle. It takes real WORK and it takes setting and living with intention.

Manifesting is using your imagination to solidify the details of your dream life and focusing on that imagery intensely until it inspires your brain to come up with a resolution for you to get the things you want.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Manifest

Like with many other things we don’t generally understand, those not in the know think it’s magic. Like intuition and affirmations. We can even argue that prayer is in that same category. And no cap, people trying to make money off of the topic certainly make it more confusing, pushing that it is magically and that only they can help you make things happen. Manifesting, like the other things mentioned have been confirmed to work through studying the brain. But the first step to accessing this resource is believing it can be done, which means not everyone is going to be able to do it.

Set Your Intensions

After you know exactly what it is that you want to manifest, you can write out intentions for each day. Friday’s during Wake n Bake on our Instagram you can catch Bre setting hers. You can keep it super simple and it still be impactful. For example: “I intend to work out for 30 minutes today to get closer to my dream body.” Or “I intend to go to the office to work 5 hours today so I can have the best bakery in town.”

Women’s History Month

By the way, it’s Women’s History Month ! March is dedicated to reflecting on the overlooked contributions of Women around the nation. It started off as just a weeklong celebration in a school out in Sonoma, CA in 1978. A few years later, word about it spread and President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8th National Women’s History Week. 6 years after that, there was a successful petition to make it a full month instead of just a week.

As Women currently making history in the cannabis industry we hope to be in books somewhere 100 years from now ! What is your intention for celebrating Women’s History Month this year ?

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Happy Black History Month

It’s February ! Which means that it’s Black history month. The Black experience is, of course, embedded all through history and can be essentially anything we think of as ‘American’ history. The purpose of Black History Month however isn’t just to tell Black tales of oppression throughout the ages but to honor contributions and sacrifices of African Americans who helped shape the place we call home.

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Negro History Week

Every year we have debates on social media about how these things should really be taught all year round. Super valid, as they should. In order to have patience with that process, it helps to understand where we started out.

Before we has a month dedicated to Black history, we just had Negro History Week. It was in 1926 that a man named Carter G. Woodson went on a mission to let people know what was up with other Black people. He started picturing a week-long celebration to encourage others to help him spread the word. He was able to start the celebrations the second week of February and did so every year after.

Then, in the 1960s, Black history became a ‘serious field of study’ and gained more widespread acceptance. That’s when Black History MONTH got poppin’. Word spread in colleges and universities first and then everywhere else. In 1976, the first President, Gerald Ford, made the month a national holiday.

Why February ?

You’ll probably see on social media people upset that OF COURSE Black history month had to be the month with the least amount of days. They chose the month of February because that’s when the weeklong celebration already was. And Woodard chose that week because it lined up with Frederick Douglas’ birthday, someone he revered.

Fun Fact

Back when it was just a one-week celebration, a different theme was chosen each year. Today, the Association of the Study of African American Life and History assigned a theme to the month each year to pay homage to Woodard. This year’s theme is Black Health and Wellness which is appropriate while we’re stuck in this pandemic.

Time To Celebrate

One great way to celebrate Black History Month is by shopping with Black Women-Owned Businesses ! Make an effort to shop with one each week for the next few weeks and possibly the rest of forever.

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Happy New Year

2021 showed your two favorite Stoned Queens so much love and we’re expecting 2022 to be even better ! This next year we’ll be focusing on community more than ever and we’re excited to take you guys along for the ride.

Queens In A Year

Some stats we’re proud of:

  • 16,418 of you visited our brand new website (thanks queens !)
  • 602 orders were placed on our new website
  • 1080+ items were purchased
  • We reached 2905 followers on IG (after social media kept shutting us down lol)
  • We launched a podcast ! Stoned Queens Gambit

Cheers to all of you out there who helped us have such a successful year !

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What To Expect

We threw our first ever event several weeks ago and it went marvelously. If you’re in the Dayton, Ohio area expect more of those coming up. We’ll also be building a text community with a sort of family group chat feel to reel that community in. So if you’re a woman looking to enter the cannabis industry OR you’re using cannabis for medicine and want to hear more from us as budtenders, be on the lookout for those newsletters.

Stoned Queens And Community

Even though things in the country have progressed quite a bit, there’s still a general negative attitude towards medical and recreational marijuana. Creating community will help give other women a safe place to speak up, ask questions and explore different methods of consumption.

We talk about it all a lot on the podcast and will continue to do so. Additionally, if you have any specific questions you’d like answered, now is your chance ! You can either shoot us a message or leave your question in the comments on this blog.

Check Out Stoned Queen’s Gambit

We’ll be talking about our focus on community more in depth on the podcast ! Make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss it.

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Smoking Herbs

Cannabis is really no different from other herbs. They all have unique properties to them. Some people favor some of those properties more than others ! Still, hella people are unaware of the fact that pretty much any herb can smoked. Here’s a few different ones that you won’t mind stuffing into your prerolled cone.

white and brown ceramic bowl


Lavender is one of the most calming herbs available. You’ll catch it in tons of skin care products, especially ones for babies. When smoking it, it gives you that same feeling of serenity but even faster.


Out of all the herbs, this one has been the fastest growing in interest during COVID. It has a long history of being used as a lung tonic and is great for relieving coughing spells. It’s super light and mild, almost like smoking air. It’s virtually flavorless.


This one is interesting because it’s very mildly psychoactive. It won’t get you high per se but it will relax you and is know to give people vivid dreams. It has a slightly sweet flavor to it.


Not many of the herbs are said to help with memory. This is one of them. The same way it cleanses the air and energy in your home, it’s said to clean your inner energy too. You notice because it promotes relaxation.


This isn’t just for cats ! Catnip is part of the mint family. Not only will it help with digestion which is awesome if you’re smoking to relieve nausea, but it has a sedative effect too.

Combine Herbs

Depending on how you feel, you can always make up your own combinations of these ! For example, if you’re having trouble sleeping try mugwort, lavender and catnip together right before bedtime.

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Let’s address the elephant in the room: microdosing. If you live in Ohio and have your medical marijuana card, you probably know a little bit about the point system. Long-story short, if you don’t know how to microdose, you’re going to run out of your medicine !

Bre’s story is: At some point while she was still working in the dental office, her doctor prescribed anxiety medicine. Dentistry really requires precision and that medicine had her eyes all jacked up. So she stopped taking them medicine. (For legal purposes: Never abruptly stop taking prescribed to you without first consulting with your doctor.) So I started taking 2 to 5mg of an edible in the morning in place of that antianxiety medicine.

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First things first, we need to make sure you know what microdosing even is. You take a lot smaller of a dose or bite or sip at a time when you consume. The actual size may differ but anything less than 10mg of THC.


You get 45 points for a 45 day period. This roughly breaks down to 100mg a day. Very roughly. It’s hard to measure actual bud. *Remember that with your medical card in Ohio you cannot put fire to that bud.


If you’re used to eating large doses of edibles, it can be hard to start microdosing. Here’s a few tips to help !

Break It Up: Break up your edible ahead of time in doses. For example, if you have a chocolate bar with 10 different sections. Break it up into those 10 sections, or even 20, and keep them in different sections.

Stick to a Schedule: If you know that you usually feel the effects of an edible for 6 hours, maybe make a schedule to take another dose every 5 hours.

Start Small Still: It’s hard breaking habits and making more changes. If your tolerance is higher you may feel like you’re good to microdose with 50mg instead of 100mg. Start with 5mg regardless. Microdosing for medicine can be tricky and you’ll be surprised at how little you really need !


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Earning Leisure

We’re talking about leisure, not 100% weed related but we’re not just cannabis advocates. We’re women in business too ! We covered this topic on our podcast as well, Stoned Queen’s Gambit.

a woman looking outside the window


Bre, one half of the dynamic duo took a nice 4 day vacation in the sun back in August and that’s what got us thinking about the topic. We’ve worked HARD to get our business off the ground. And we’ve worked so hard to keep it running too. We’ve had so many new products coming out this year, like the bridesmaid boxes, over summer. Additionally, October 10th we went all the way to Denver for the cannabis wedding expo ! We’ve also introduced earrings. We’re out here WERKING, okay ?

Hustle And Burnout

You need to give yourself a break. Things are not as immediate as you think. For example, you don’t need to check your emails every hour. What’s the reason it can’t wait 24 hours ? When you can’t exactly go on vacation, you can still give yourself time and space at home.

Even my (Bre) son noticed I was brand new after getting to put life on hold. A major key to that is: Don’t talk about work during vacation. If you can help it, don’t even use your phone at all. Take a real break !


Having your me-time is important too ! It can be difficult figuring out how to create it but you need it. Here’s a few tips to help:

Unplug: When your work hours are over, turn your work communications off !

Stick to a Schedule: Speaking of, make sure that you have set work hours. Predictable times that your people can count on.

Start Small: It’s hard breaking habits and making more changes. Start with one thing or person at a time.


Tbh, we don’t post the blogs consistently. But when we got somethin’ to say, WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ! Stay tuned, Queens.


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Terpenes Vs THC

Most of us understand in some way or measure what’s up with THC when it comes to cannabis. Most of us though DO NOT understand what terpenes have to do with anything. So what happens is that said people walk into a dispensary and they just want whatever has the highest THC content. And long story short, no.

close up photo of kush on glass container


Terpenes are mostly responsible for the way a plant smells. It’s easy to forget, but cannabis is just a plant. So these jawns are pretty prevalent. Smell and taste are super interconnected so terpenes play into the way a plant tastes as well. Less important with cannabis since we’re not typically eating the leaves.

When it comes to different strains of cannabis, some terpenes can be dormant. Aside from affecting flavor and aroma, they work in tandem with the plants cannabinoid content. That content includes both CBD and THC. This helps to explain why strains with the same THC content produce such different experiences.


THC is one of the only compounds in marijuana we care about. CBD and CBN are awesome too but THAT THC THOUGH ! It’s the psychoactive compound that gets people ‘high’. We won’t spend too much time on it, because you already know.


It’s hard to pin down exactly which terpenes are going to get you where you need to or would like to go. When you try a strain and you absolutely love it, write down which one it is and look up the terpene profile. This is extremely difficult to do when you’re not buying cannabis from a legal dispensary. When you purchase it legally you get the benefit of having the complete profile to refer to !

There are both primary and secondary terps. Some common primary terpenes include Pinene, Humulene, Limonene and Myrcene. Secondary terps include Borneol, Phytol, Eucalyptol and Sabinene. Pinene, for example, is also found in pine trees. It gives that outdoorsy, earthy aroma. Find it most present in OG Kush and Blue Dream. Eucalyptol sounds like something else we already know tight ? Eucalyptus ! It has a cooling menthol, minty scent. If you’ve ever had Girl Scout Cookies, you already know !


Tbh, we don’t post the blogs consistently. But when we got somethin’ to say, WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ! Stay tuned, Queens.