Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Month ! As marijuana advocates, we naturally care about the wellbeing of the people we serve as well. With Bre, half of our dynamic duo, being a budtender, she has tons of experience with patients and helping them find what they need. So let’s talk more about it ! MentalContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month”

April Means Stress Awareness

April is THC awareness month. Now if you’ve been following us, you for damn sure already know that. April is also Stress Awareness Month ! Perfect right ? Because the two go hand in hand, it’s like peanut butter and jelly ! Stress Awareness Month Back in 1936, Viennese physician Hans Selye starts studying stressContinue reading “April Means Stress Awareness”

Setting Intentions

Hear me out, sis. We’re about to talking about setting intentions. You’ve heard people say things like “tHaT wAsN’t My InTeNtIoN,”. But what does that even mean ?? You may not have, however, heard about a personal manifesto ! Long story short, you need one. Let’s talk about why ! Manifest It To manifest somethingContinue reading “Setting Intentions”

Happy Black History Month

It’s February ! Which means that it’s Black history month. The Black experience is, of course, embedded all through history and can be essentially anything we think of as ‘American’ history. The purpose of Black History Month however isn’t just to tell Black tales of oppression throughout the ages but to honor contributions and sacrificesContinue reading “Happy Black History Month”

The History Of Glass Pipes

The History of Glass Pipes In honor or all of our glass pieces being on sale, we wanted to give you a little history lesson on how we ended up using glass pipes in the first place ! Go ahead and grab yours (or your cannamug) and get ready for this adventure. It Started InContinue reading “The History Of Glass Pipes”

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